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Did you ever think of flying in the air like a bird? If yes, you are one step away from this dream. You can “fly” over the beautiful green hills destination like Kamshet and Pawna. If you are visiting Maharashtra and looking for any adventure activity near Pune and Mumbai or Lonavala, then paragliding at Kamshet would be the best option.

Bliss Joyride

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Bliss & joy paragliding joyride is designed to make you fly in the air very calm and easy. A more comfortable and more stable flight without any acrobat. 


Instructional Joyride

The paragliding pilot will show you how to steer the paraglider while flying. He will give you the control for some time under his instruction. You can experience how it feels to fly on your own.


Special Acro Joyride

Enjoy the thrill of paragliding with the special acrobatic flight. Taste the high speed and G-forces in the acrobatic maneuver. This flight is not for the faint-hearted.


In case of any query you can contact us on +91 7020704456


Paragliding Joyride or Tandem Paragliding is a double-sitter ride in which our pilot would be there to fly you. You are not going to fly alone. That means in one paraglider, One pilot, and one Passenger they both will fly.

We have all certified and load tested paragliding equipment. Also all pilots are APPI certified and minimum 15 years experienced. 

  • Kamshet is 100km away from Mumbai and 50km away from Pune. If you know Lonvala then it is 18km away from Lonavala. After booking confirmation will share you the exact google map location pin so you can easily come to the flying site. 
  • To reach on takeoff will not be able to take any bike/car at on top of hill since the road conditions are not really good. So will park your vehicle at meeting point and from there will higher a local jeep (Jeep charges are Exclusive).

There is not any age limit there is just body weight limit. Minimum body weight limit is 20kg and Maximum body weight limit is 95kg. Person should have to be Mentally and physically fit. 

To click the pictures and videos we have Hero Go-pro camera’s, In which you can click about 25-30 pictures while flying and 2-3 Min of video. If you have your own Go-pro camera you can take it with you to fly on your own risk.

In winter due to the favorable wind conditions the reporting time would be morning 7:00 or 8:00 am. In summer the reporting time would be 3:00pm at afternoon.

This is a weather depend activity so there are chances of rescheduling or cancellation which is beyond control. In such case will provide you 100% refund. 


  • Best Rate.
  • Best Equipment.
  • Experienced and certified pilots.
  • 100% safety record.
  • Genuine Reviews.

Paragliding Joyrides

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Paragliding in Kamshet (One of India's best destination of paragliding)

We all know India is famous for a beautiful Ambiance and claws, Which is very Admirable for paragliding. In India, the Manali, Masuri, Birbilling, Dehradun, Kamshet, Panchgani, etc. are very famous paragliding spots.
Maharashtra State engulfed with Sahyadri’s high mountain range. Near Kamshet, we found Dense forelands, high mountains, Rivers, Ancient Forts, and Caves.
Kamshet is 100km away from Mumbai and 50km away from Pune. And from Lonavala, it’s 18km away. High Mountains and Bestead environment is the main reason to do paragliding near Kamshet Lonavala. And that’s why Kamshet is known as an Indias number one place for paragliding.
While paragliding in the Blue sky, On aside, we can experience Kamshet city, Indrayani river, Kamshet railway station, the old Mumbai-Pune highway, and the expressway under the feet. Also, we can see Pawna lake, Vadivali lake, Lohagad fort, Visapur fort, Tunga fort, and Tikona fort while paragliding in Kamshet. Various beautiful and eyes illuminating context we can experience while paragliding at Lonavala Kamshet.
You can gift this best experience to your family and loved ones with paragliding Kamshet.

What is the best season for paragliding in kamshet and lonavala?

The season of Paragliding in Lonavala and Kamshet is from mid of October to the last week of May. During this period the wind conditions are flyable to paraglide. In the winter we fly at tower hill, And in the winter (October to January) flyable wind conditions start at morning 7:00 am and it stays till 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm. December is the month where sometimes we fly for the whole day. In January and February, excellent thermic conditions are there, in which we can achieve more height while flying.
In the summer the wind conditions settle to the west side, Then we start flying at Shelar hill onwards afternoon 3:00 pm to evening 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm. While flying at Shelar hill you can experience beautiful windmills at your back site and a huge Vadivali lake right in front of you.
Kamshet is waiting for you to make you fly and experience this beautiful climate and sport. Paragliding near Mumbai and Pune is the best experience of a real adventure aero-sport. The experience of Paragliding in Kamshet would gonna stay with you for the rest of your life.
So do click on book now and enjoy the beautiful adventure aero-sport at Kamshet.

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